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Surrounded by a large number of bays, travelers who are passionate about marine life have more than half a dozen alternatives for aquatic landscapes of Baja.

About 30 kilometers from the capital is located Espiritu Santo Island, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the great diversity of ecosystems and marine and wildlife that live around it.

Here is not found the world's largest sea lions colony in the world, but for sure it's the most friendly to visitors as they can interact and swim with them in harmony. It is not uncommon also encounter groups of dolphins and pilot whales.

Find coral reefs, giant manta rays, dolphins, schools of fish and original views towards the island of desert environment with hundreds of cacti, birds, and reptiles.

Lobera area at the tip of Isla Partida, just off of Isla Espiritu Santo, offers the experience of diving or snorkeling with sea lions (younger approach to play and swim with divers).

The most recommended seasons for scuba diving and snorkeling are spring and summer, but some of these places can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

In the city are professional tour companies which can offer tours and activities necessary to practice both activities.