Hotel Club El Moro

ISLA LOS ISLOTES: Located half a mile north of the island of Espiritu Santo are located Los Islotes, where you can see the sea lions colony which are very friendly and attract both divers and swimmers. Besides os sea lions you can admire a variety of tropical fish and lush underwater life. Obligated place to visit for sea lovers.

EL BAJO: Is perfect place for advanced divers due to strong currents, swimming is sometimes difficult, and divers must hold on to the rocks at the bottom in order to wait for the passing of large animals, such as billfish schools of hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, manta rays and more. For those who like to explore underwater, this is absolutely the best dive site in the Sea of Cortez.

EL BAJITO: Next to the seal colony there is a beautiful dive site where the cracks in the sea floor are covered with soft corals. Small stingrays, eels and large fish can be seen here.

ISLA BALLENA: This little whale-shaped island has caves, crevices, rocky reefs, and a forest of coral at 10-60 ft. This area is protected from the wind and current, so this site is a great choice for your second dive. You will see fish found only in the Sea of Cortez.

SALVATIERRA: This artificial reef formed in a sunken ferry, is covered with black coral and inhabited by a lot of shellfish foraging in the recesses of this boat, as well as being an important point of watching tropical species such as barracuda, grouper and parrot fish. The ferry sank in 1976, is 45-60 feet deep in Canal de San Lorenzo, at the south end of Isla Espiritu Santo.

LA REINA: It takes an hour and a half bay boat to get this site where you can enjoy wreck diving and wall diving depth of 45 feet to 150 feet. You can see a variety of fish in rocky reefs and sea lions frolicking in the water along the coast.

SAN FRANCISQUITO: As El Bajo, this is very popular with advanced divers. Look for schools of tuna, marlin or large mackerel. This place is situated away from the coast and takes three to four hours by boat.